How to convert JPG to BMP

Converting JPG to BMP is very easy with PicShrink.

Necessary steps to get your conversion done in a snap:

1. Load the required images that you want to convert in the
«images container» choosing one of the variants of loading
«Open Images» or «Open Folder»

You can also use «Drag and Drop» to add the required set
of image files into the program window.

2. Now you need to set the preffered image size for the output

3. Set the preffered format for the output image.
(In this example we will use BMP)

4. Press the «Start» button.

Make the necessary adjustment in the appeared dialog box
you have a few different choices to make and simply choose
based on your need and press the «OK» button.

Hopefully you enjoyed our tutorial on how to convert JPG to BMP.
PicShrink is fast and effective for converting your JPG's to different
formats with high quality.