Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I get more information PicShrink features?
To find out more about PicShrink functions and usability go here.

How long can I use PicShrink until I have to pay?
You can evaluate PicShrink up to 30 days with all functionality for free.
Please be aware that during the TRIAL period all images will contain a watermark.

Is the paid version also adding a watermark to my images?
No once you have registered PicShrink no watermark is added to your images.

How do I purchase PicShrink?
You can order PicShrink online from our payment provider Avangate.
All online purchases are prosessed via Avangate to provide a secure online payment environment.

What payment options does Avangate offer during the purchase?
During your purchase you have the possibility to choose from the following payment options:
Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard/American Express/Bank/Wire transfer/PayPal/Discover/Novus/
Diners Club/JCB/FAX/

Every PC in my organization company needs PicShrink, do you have multi license discount?
Yes please see our order page for multi license pricing.

How Do I install PicShrink?
Download the PicShrink setup from the download page on to your PC. Now enter the setup by clicking on the setup icon. PicShrink installation mode will be started and and you need to confirm the license agreement and choose your install location and finish the setup. PicShrink will be installed. No need to reboot your PC. PicShrink is ready to use.

To install PicShrink you must have .NET 2.0 Framework or newer installed!

How do I uninstall PicShrink?
You can simply use the "add and remove” program in your control panel.

Which image formats are supported by PicShrink Image Compressor?
PicShrink currently supports JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIF image file formats.

What kind of function is Shell Context Menu Integration?
Enable this function to start PicShrink by using right-click on an image file...

What is the System Requirement?
OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7

Will PicShrink run on 64 Bit systems?
Yes Our current version supports X64 Bit systems. Make sure you download our X64 version.

Will PicShrink work with CMYK files?
No, PicShrink does not support CMYK, yet. When opening CMYK images the preview might appear completely in black.

What should I do if I get an error message?
Contact our support and we will do our best in assisting you.

Is PicShrink Multilanguage supported?
Yes. Picshrink currently supports English, German, Russian and Japanese

Once PicShrink optimized a file can I revert to the original?
No you will have to use the original file. (This is not possible if you choose to overwrite the original)

Will PicShrink delete or destroy my original file?
No. PicShrink creates a copy in a new folder that you specify. Unless you specifically choose to overwrite the original file.


Can I use Picshrink from my file Explorer?
Yes, PicShrink allows shell context menu integration. Just open PicShrink, click on settings and check "Shell Context Menu integration". After that you can close PicShrink, this option is now available once you right click on an image format that is supported by PicShrink.


Will PicShrink run on Windows 7?
Yes, PicShrink has been tested on Windows 7 and is fully operational.